Before the establishment of the RICI Foundation, we had made a lot of material donations and support. During this process, we found that most of the student-aid projects were often focused on children with excellent grades. However, due to poor grades, disability, etc., those children at the bottom of society were often neglected and denied the opportunity to return to school.

In order to support these children to continue their studies, RICI launched the Huixin student-aid project in 2013. Before the project, the foundation researched 29 schools and found that even if these children had the opportunity to go back to school, the lack of teachers and the backward educational concepts would still be two obstacles for the children to overcome in their growth.

This prompted us to wonder: what can RICI really do for them?

The more time passes, the more we feel the need to give children the ability to develop themselves in the process of support. In particular, the development of the mind is crucial. If people can look at things and the world in a positive way, the future will be better. When we change the mental structure of children, it is like putting on a pair of shoes to help them through all the setbacks and difficulties. Every child is a cell of society, and the more children there are, the more hopeful the society will be.

I also hope to call on more people to pay attention to spiritual development and build a better society through the platform of RICI.

Qu Jiangting, Director general of the RICI Foundation


RICI Foundation, whose full name is “Guangdong RICI Foundation,” was registered and established in the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province on December 31, 2013, and officially started operation in 2014. It is a non-public foundation dedicated to the spiritual growth and well-being of teenagers and children. In July 2017, RICI was rated as an “AAA” social organization in Guangdong Province, and was recognized as a charitable organization in December of the same year.

Based on theories such as “Positive Psychology” and “Social Emotional Learning (SEL),” RICI focuses on the design, operation and support of mental development and psychological support programs, and is committed to exploring and promoting the most effective mental literacy education model. The ultimate goal of RICI is to improve the overall social environment for the growth of teenagers and children and to enable each of them to grow up healthily and live happily.



    Let children have wisdom and love and enjoy life.
    Promote mental health and gather social forces to empower children.
    Child-oriented, professional empowerment, innovation-driven, multi-party cooperation.