The Ignite Project was officially launched in 2016. The project recruits college student volunteers with the public interest and strong ability. Through the provision of course packages and training, volunteers are equipped with basic knowledge of child development and psychology as well as various practical skills for conducting psychological activity classes. Moreover, volunteers are supported to conduct winter and summer camps in rural areas on the theme of mental literacy to help rural children improve their psychological resilience and fill the gap in psychological education in rural areas.


After exploration and iteration, the project gradually formed a complete project logic and a distinctive winter and summer camp format. The project adopts the form of 1 mental health course plus 1 supporting extension activity, forming a highly operational and professional curriculum system. At present, the project has 4 sets of complete courses suitable for students in grades 3-6 and a library of activities for grades 1-2. In terms of training, a complete online and offline training system has also been designed.

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The project plans to continue to deepen its support for college student volunteers. In addition to the original training courses, it will also focus on the psychological growth of college student volunteers so that they can spend time with children in a more positive state.